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Experimental Archaeology: Bison Butchery

Experimental Archaeology: Bison Butchery By Dr. Lawrence Todd One of archaeology’s central goals is to make reliable interpretations about past conditions based on the traces that survive today. This is difficult and requires a tremendous amount of time and effort spent trying to develop, evaluate, and refine archaeological interpretive methods.  Finding artifacts and other clues […]

40th Anniversary of Rediscovery: Looking Forward

40th Anniversary of Rediscovery: Looking Forward By Amy Phillips with guests Ryan Phelan, Revive & Restore and Shawn Walker, ViaGen Pets and Equine In 1981 the black-footed ferret was rediscovered on the banks of the Greybull River here in Meeteetse, Wyoming. Shortly after rediscovery, the ferret population was struggling due to canine distemper and sylvatic […]

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