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The Boys of Company K

The Boys of Company K By Amy Phillips   The United States joined World War I on April 2, 1917. At the time the United States military had a standing army of just 127,500. For comparison, 116,516 Americans, or 91% of the United States standing army at the start of the conflict, lost their lives […]

Meeteetse’s Connection to Fort Washakie

To understand Meeteetse’s early relationship with Fort Washakie, one must go back to 1868 when the Fort Bridger Treaty Council established the Wind River Reservation boundaries we are still familiar with today. One of the conditions of the Fort Bridger Treaty was that the United States Army would be present to protect the Shoshone from […]

A Place to Call Home: Amelia Earhart in Meeteetse

A Place to Call Home: Amelia Earhart in Meeteetse by David Cunningham In 1934, legendary aviatrix Amelia Earhart loaded up her car back east and, with her new husband, publisher George Putnam, began driving her way across the country. They were heading for Meeteetse, Wyoming, and the Double Dee Guest Ranch where they planned to […]

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